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"Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context - a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan."
Eliel Saarinen

The Municipal Secretariat for International Relations, identifying Sao Paulo’s creative industrial potential and in order to spread the importance of the city abroad as an innovative products and services provider, presents the project “KM • M • MM – VIVER DESIGN EM SÃO PAULO” (Kilometer, Meter and Millimeter – Living Design in Sao Paulo), which will take place from November 03rd to 09th, aiming to democratize design and to encourage Sao Paulo’s creative economy, promoting the city as an important design hub in Latin America.

The creative industries development project, emphasizing design, attends to an international image promotion strategy and intents to engage the population on the importance of design for the national market and its proximity to Sao Paulo population.
Design is everywhere. And Sao Paulo Design Week theme was originated based on this idea. “KM • M • MM – Viver Design em São Paulo” (Kilometer, Meter and Millimeter – Living Design in Sao Paulo)

Five areas were established, aiming to take in all design expressions, with activities been coordinated by a Working Group.

All areas will be permeated with the sustainability issue.
Sustainable Design has appeared on the contemporary culture context, by betting on a inclusive business model, promoting local industry and projecting Brazil’s cultural features in the global market.

The main subject approached will be how to ensure, in a kilometrical scale – the urban landscape - that these aspects will be democratized and available to the whole population.

To communicate is the design’s nature, and a specific area, Graphic Design, dedicates itself essentially to communicate, and nowadays is an important and anonymous part of the city’s life.

It refers to the product, the objects that surround us during our daily life. It is the thought, created, tested and built object, always interacting with the citizen and offering a solution for a better use.

To this first edition of Living Design in São Paulo, the working team responsible for this theme has decided to establish the bases to build the fashion design thinking: memory, the new and the unlimited public access to knowledge of this new area of culture expression.
To extend the fashion design democratization concept, some fashion designers will draw exclusive models, which will be exposed in public areas, together with its molds and indications on how they were made, so that people can make their own at home.

It contemplates education – designer’s formation - behavior and human relations, in areas such as psychology, administration and engineering. In this area, students from Sao Paulo’s Education Institutes will develop projects associated with suburban area’s communities, which will be exposed in many regions in the city.

The Week
During a week, the objective is to make São Paulo breath design, through activities spread all over the city.


Besides all the events that already happen every year in the city, will take part of “KM • M • MM – TO INHABIT DESIGN IN SP” some others initiatives, promoted by the City Hall and the Working Group:
- Lectures
- Workshops
- Exhibitions
- Fashion Shows
- 2nd edition of the seminary “Design Made in Sao Paulo”

Working Group
Alexander Lipszyc – Director of the Escola Panamericana de Arte e Design (Pan American’s School of Art and Design) – EPA
Andréa Naccache – Psychoanalyst, creator of the Movimento pela Criação Brasileira (Movement for the Brazilian Creation) - MOVE
Anita Gea Martinez Stefani –International Advisor – SMRI
Carlos Scheliga - Questto Design – Product Designer
Christian Ullmann - Nomade Workshop/Sustainable Design
Daniele Alexsandra Toledo Roldán –Marketing Coordinator – SMRI
Ernesto Harsi – President of Product Design Association
Flavio Goldman – Deputy Secretary for International Relations – SMRI
Jum Nakao – Fashion Designer and Creation Director
Leonardo Mangiavacchi –Istituto Europeo di Design’s Director – IED
Mariana Figo Gaspar – International Advisor – SMRI
Patrícia Anastassiadis - Architect and Interior Designer.
Paula Limena - Partner-Director of ImageneerConsulting/market trends
Regina Monteiro – EMURB’s Projects, Environment and Urban Sights Director
Ronald Kapaz - OZ Design/Graphic Design Partner-Director
Sheila Brabo – Director of the São Paulo’s Design Center - CSPD
Sônia Valentim de Carvalho – Financial’s Director of the ADG/ Graphic DesignerAll activities, both in each one of the 5 areas and in the Seminar itself, are open to receiving support from all companies that are able to participate in the event in many ways.

The idea is that this way, those who are part of the project participate on an initiative that begins now and, in the future, is integrated to the City’s official calendar and to the international design circuit.

General Information:
Ms. Anita Stefani – astefani@prefeitura.sp.gov.br. Tel.: 3113.8542
Ms. Daniele Roldán– droldan@prefeitura.sp.gov.br. Tel.: 3113.8546
Ms. Mariana Figo Gaspar – mfigogaspar@prefeitura.sp.gov.br. Tel.: 3113.8541

Information to the press:
Ms. Ludmila di Bernardo – lbernardo@prefeitura.sp.gov.br. Tel: 3113.8564

Soon: http://www.viverdesignsp.com.br/

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